David & Geri The Smiths
  Missionaries to Londrina, Brazil 
Serving with Baptist Mid-Missions since 1987
Victory Baptist Church in Londrina

Welcome Friends
David and Geri

David and Geri Smith have served in Brazil with Baptist Mid-Missions since 1987. For more info on them and their ministry, check out their About Us link in this site.

David and Geri have been blessed to start five Baptist churches in Brazil since 1988. Their most recent church plant began weekly services in February 2016. Photos of the construction are on this site. They are currently serving in Londrina, Paraná, where they have been since 2003


Current Prayer Requests
 (Updated June 2016)
1.  Construction at new church plant in Londrina.
2.  Furlough travels.
3.  Pray with us as we strive to raise the support that we lost over the past few years. We are 20% under-supported at present.

    (Updated June 2016)
1.   New church started on February 2016.
2.   Blueprints approved after three year delay (May 2015).
3.   Construction of new church plant completed enough to begin weekly services.
4.   Arrival of BMM co-workers Ray & Annette Ronk in Jan. 2016. They are overseeing the work and continuing the construction.

5.   Church painted on outside and tile installed downstairs.
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New Church Plant
Inaugurated February 13, 2016

One of the dads enjoying the Father's day cookout.
Projected Building for Calvary Baptist Church






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