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São Paulo
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São Paulo City Flag
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Top Places to see and visit while in

the city of São Paulo

1.         Prédio Italiano [The Italian Building].  This is the tallest building in São Paulo and in South America.  It is estimated to be 168 meters tall.  It has a small observation deck.  This is the best place to take a great photo of the magnitude of São Paulo.  There are high rise buildings in every direction for as far as your eyes can see.   There is a very nice (expensive) restaurant on the top floor of this building.   The rest of that floor is the observation deck as was mentioned before. Click on the link for the 360o Panoramic view of São Paulo from their restaurant.  This link is off of this site. The site also has information about the restaurant. http://www.terracoitalia.com.br/ Avenida Paulista
2.         Avenida Paulista – The Wall Street of South America. 
This link is off this site.  Avenida Paulista
3.         MASP – Museo de Arte de São Paulo (Museum of Modern Art in São Paulo ).  MASP is located on Avenida Paulista. This link is off this site. São Paulo Museum of Art
Ipiranga Museum 4.         Visit the downtown walk-only streets near the Metrô stop call República.  Watch out for thieves and pick-pockets.
5.         Ipiranga Museum.
   6.         Praça de Sê (The very center of São Paulo).  It has the large downtown Catholic Church.  A block away from that is São Bento where the city of SP was founded in 1554 as a Jesuit mission post.   "Praça de Sê" is a very good location to get robbed and mugged.
7.         Ibirapuera Park  Latin America Memorial Museum
8.         Latin America Memorial Museum.
9.         Hope Baptist Church [Esperança Baptist Church].  This church is located on the Metrô line and is right at the Santa Cruz Metrô stop.  The church was started in 1989 and is a wonderful church.  Pastor Sérgio Moura is the church pastor.  From 1988 to 1995, the Smiths had the privilege of working at this church with Marvin and Diane Fray, Joel and Joanie Troester, Bill and Cindy Griner, and Gary and Caroline Fray.  All services are in Portuguese.  Their website has their phone number and service times.  Website of Hope [Esperança] Baptist Church.
Esperança (Hope) Baptist Chuch



Information and FAQ

about São Paulo

São Paulo is the largest city in Brazil.  It is the largest city in South America.  São Paulo is the one of the largest cities in the world with a current population of about 20,3 million people.  In the late 1990´s São Paulo was considered the second largest city in the world according to some articles.  Today (March 22, 2007), Metropolitan São Paulo is considered the 7th largest city in the world. Infoplease[1] lists the city of São Paulo as the second largest "city" in the world.  [That figure is based on the actual population of each city and not counting their neighboring cities.  (Atlanta, GA, has a metropolitan population of about 4 million people, but only about 600,000 actually live within the official city limits).  I lived in the center of São Paulo for 7 years and I loved it. 

"São  Paulo" is not spelled San Pablo.  That is the way Spanish people spell it.  "São Paulo" means St. Paul.

São Paulo is a modern city with most of the conveniences of the United States or United Kingdom.  The best way to get around São Paulo is by their subway system call the “Metrô”. They have a wonderful subway system which is nice, clean, and safe to use.

São Paulo is a city as well as a state. The city of São Paulo is located in the southeastern section of the state of São Paulo.  (Similar to New York: New York is a city as well as a state).

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[1] http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0762524.html (March 23, 2007)






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